Thanks for stopping by! I come from the small town of Manchester, south of Akron, Ohio. My family roots                flourish from Charleston, SC, so I am an interesting mixture of yankee and southerner. I currently reside with            my own family in Atlanta, GA where I run and operate the Pixelcup Graphic Design Studio, everyday,                        including weekends.

           My mission? To obtain the most professional work relationships with people and companies from all over                the world. Since the launch of Pixelcup, I have met some of the most interesting, respectful and talented                  people there is to know. Expanding my capabilities and communication skills are constant goals set in my                sights each day. Please contact me if you would like to chat. My response time is within 24 hours, any day.
           Farthest I've been from home?
Phoenix, Arizona
           Favorite meal? Fried pork chop plate with southern sides and cornbread.
           Special Talent? Shooting pool.
           Kids? 4
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