Tin Crown Photo is owned and operated by Chris Parsons, who is also my old college roommate. He called and asked if I could build his Tin Crown logo, so I got to work. We explored a few ideas, tweaked this and that and came up with a really powerful symbol intertwined with the Tin Crown name. The final design is exactly what Chris was looking for - A simple, clean and memorable logo to help build the brand for Tin Crown Photo across the globe.
This presentation was fun to build, as all of my presentations are, but this particular project was a whole new experience for me. I love logo and brand work, but I also have a deep appreciation for the photographers working their asses off to fulfill the everyday passion they have. Plus, I learned quite a bit on this one.
The process he uses is quite extreme and really fascinating to learn and understand, as this method dates back to the 1850's. Artists like Chris are helping expose a lot of the reputable, old school methods, which is sparking a lot of interest.
Definitely check his work out:
*Photo credits: Chris Parsons
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