Client: Crosstek Engineering Solutions
Contact: Lydia Henshaw 
Project: Name, Logo, Brand and Identity Development: Organic Certification Software
Project Deliveries: 
Brand Name, Brand, Logo, Identity, Website Branding, Mobile App Branding, Web Banners, Custom Icon and Button Design, Stationary, Bottle Exterior Label, and Apparel.
First off I will say working with Lydia Henshaw throughout the past months was one of the most pleasant work relationships I
have experienced in my career. Thank you for the opportunity Lydia and the Crosstek team for providing this opportunity! Cheers!

What is so different and intriguing about this project is that not only did I create all of the company branding and material, but I also created the organic software brand name. Many hours of terminological research, along with Latin & English translation studying, was the first phase of this 6 month process. Crosstek had an idea of what they wanted and provided a lot of detail & direction for me to run with, so a list of 30 names was crafted, narrowed down to 10 final names, and thereafter, 10 master Identity/Logo concept packages were built for Crosstek to select 1 final name and design. I introduce to you...
Phase 1: Terminological Research

This phase had a heavy focus on dissecting the English and Latin languages. With detailed information from the client, I was able to narrow down specific research fields relevant to the software's ultimate target; Agriculture. I spent many hours learning how much more complicated the English language is, yet understanding both English and Latin meanings
was highly important to this particular phase of the project.
Phase 2: Master Name List Development

After hours of research, writing and reviewing, I delivered a master list of probable names for the organic software. Most have obvious meaning and some have a deeper root understanding. A major challenge during this phase was to provide names with available URL domains using the top extensions online: .com .net .org .biz .co. The availability of these domains was crucial and could not be ignored just because the name sounds good.
Phase 3: Logo Design of 10 Selected Names

The client narrowed down the name choice to 10. From there I developed 10 separate brand packages pertaining to each name. My main goal during this stage was to provide a vast customized layout of color, design, font, format and graphics for each name.
Phase 4: Full Development of selected Brand/Identity/Logo

Once an idea was selected, I could now apply extreme focus on the remaining bits of the overall logo project.
Phase 5: USDA Presentation

After full completion of the logo and branding foundation, the next focus was to prepare a Sow Organic slideshow presentation for the USDA in Washington. Introducing the Sow Organic idea was just part of the challenge, but receiving
a "USDA stamp of approval" was specifically important, as it was a crucial step towards the
successful development and launch for the Sow Organic team.
Phase 6: Mobile App UI

During the USDA presentation development, we ignited the beginning phases of building the mobile app interface design.
With wireframes built and ready to populate, this specific process was highly detailed, as it was laying the foundation for the general website interface design to come. I built the general layout to coincide with the name, Sow Organic,
and one of the tag lines used, "Sow Against The Grain".
I wanted portray an inviting layout, with not too much bold color and the right amount of agricultural influence.
Phase 7: Website Interface Design and Layout

The website branding actually fell into place more smoothly because I designed the mobile app interface first. There was still much work to be done, and more layouts to develop, but it all ended up coming together precisely how we wanted it to.​​​​​​​
Phase 8: Web Banner Design

Building the web banners was highly beneficial from a marketing perspective. We have to advertise and get the
Sow Organic name exposed to as many people as possible. Providing a variety of color layouts, font and
imagery was all we will need to have plenty to choose from when the time comes.

Phase 9: Print & Advertising Material

Business cards, T-shirts, Bottle label design​​​​​​​
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